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Perry 2018
David Perry for NC House
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Volunteers will be the single greatest asset to the Perry 2018 campaign. We might not be able to match the campaign war chest of the incumbent, but we WILL win with an army of passionate volunteers like you!

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On May 8th we will be sending teams of volunteers to many of the polling locations within House District 19. We will need yard signs for placemment near each location. In addition, we will need printed literature to hand out to interested voters. Please assist us by adopting a yard sign today!

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My opponents will be funded with large sums of money from large political donor lists and Super PACs. I wouldn't take their corrupt money, even if it were offered. But together, we can still fund a winning campaign!

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If you are having an issue, wanting to find out how you could help, or just want to "talk politics": I will welcome your message. I, or a dedicated staff member, will contact you back ASAP!

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