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Our state and our country were not formed as complete democracies, but rather as a constitutional republic. That said, our Founders deeply believed that government ought to exist by the consent of the people. Therefore the legislative branch of government is supposed to be representing the collective will of the people. Unless there is an extreme case of conscientious objection, members of our General Assembly ought to propose and pass legislation that reflects that democratic will. Unfortunately, this is too often not the case.

Unfortunately, our legislators have in large part been corrupted, and serve the will of corporate special interests, instead of the will of the people they represent. This happens at the county level as well, when members of the County Board of Commissioners act against the will of the people they are supposed to represent.

Normally people say that the solution to this problem is simply to vote this unresponsive representatives out of office. However, in this day and age this course of action is becoming more and more difficult. First of all, government has injected itself into so many areas, that it is difficult for the general public to keep up with all the day-to-day legislation that is occurring. People may not be aware that their representatives are doing things contrary to the will of the people. Secondly, most voters are not one issue voters. They might be generally satisfied with the performance of their legislator, but at odds with them on certain key issues. The voter, in this instamce, may not be presented with a better option to replace his or her current representative.

This is where my ballot initiative proposal comes into play. In this state, the people only occasionally get to vote directly on legislation through ballot questions. The only time we get to vote on an issue is when it is a proposed amendment to the North Carolina Constitution, or when the General Assembly decides to let us vote on it. This is not the case in many other states. In states, like Ohio and Florida, ordinary citizens can get a question on a binding ballot by simply collecting an appropriate number of petition signatures. In most cases, the only way the vote of the people can be overturned is by a ruling of the state supreme court or by another vote of the people.

I propose we do the exact same thing here in North Carolina, both at the county and state level. Since the North Carolina Constitution currently does not accommodate this, I would propose a constitutional amendment within the first 6 months of being elected to initiate the change. This measure would give the voters of this great state a greater voice, and help curb political corruption at the same time.

Some people might be legitimately fearful that this type of direct democracy would trample on the rights of individuals. I agree that the possibility of the "tyranny of the majority" is a scary thing. However, if our judicial system is working as it should, it should be able to strike down any laws passed by ballot initiative that trample on personal liberty. While I am in the General Assembly I will also be working to strengthen the rules of appellate procedure that our Court system utilizes. A just judiciary will not be known as "judicial activists" who simply replace the will of the people with their own will. However, they should be known as "fearless and vigorous" warriors who uphold our constitution and individual freedom.

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