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Legalize Local Liberty!

What State Goverment Should Do

The Declaration of Independence clearly states the purpose of government; to secure our rights to life, liberty, and property. Our Founders recognized that government was not supposed to exist to tell individuals how to live, but to secure those rights in the face of malicious individuals and groups who would steal them from us. Our Founders also recognized that government worked best locally. Local government should be responsible for most governance. State government should concern itself with statewide threats to our rights, while the Federal government should concern itself solely with national threats to those rights.

Unfortunately our state government in Raleigh, in its quest for consolidated power over our lives and our local communities, has been derelict in their duty to secure our rights from statewide threats to those rights. There are volumes of things that our state government should be doing, but is not. My campaign is concentrating on four areas of state negligence.

  • GenX and the Environment - Our state government has the responsibiity to fiercely protect our lives from harmful poisons and pollutants such as GenX. We need to get tough on corporate polluters like Chemours/Dupont Chemical and Duke Energy. Taxpayers should not be responsible for cleaning up the horrible messes these corporate polluters have created. They need to cease dumping ALL chemicals which are hazardous to our environment, and need to pay for for ALL testing, studies, and cleanup. They either need to comply, or they need to be shut down!
  • Combat the Opiate Crisis - Communities accross the state are being ravished by the opiate crisis. Heroin addiction used to be relegated to large cities and affected very few. Today the problem pervades our entire state to the point that it is HIGHLY likely you know somebody personally who is afflicted with this serious medical problem. But, the answer is NOT to renew a failed Drug War. It is the epitome of stupidity to continue to try and bang a "square peg into a round hole!" Prohibition does NOT work!! Basic economics will tell tell you that where there is Demand there WILL be Supply. We must concentrate on ways to curb Demand. One of the easiest ways we can start is to legalize medical marijuana today! We must give doctors and patients with pain an alternative to highly addictive prescription opiates.
  • Stop Crony Capitalism - Our economy thrives best when businesses are free from onerous regulations that favor large corporations over the home-grown local companies that employ most of our working population. This also creates virtual monopolies that give consumers little choice and drive prices up. In addition, the practice of corporate welfare must be elminated. We might think that giving grants to Hollywood film studios or large corporations like Amazon will help to create jobs. However, in reality, our state government is stealing our taxpayer money when they engage in this activity, and at the same time this hurts the other businesses (and their employees) who do not receive such subsidies. This practice also leads to political corruption.
  • Give a Voice to the Voters - Too often our elected representatives are beholden to corporate special interests and will not enact the will of the people. For instance, recent polling indicates that North Carolina voters overwhelmingly support the legalization of medical marijuana. Yet our elected representatives have failed to do our will. Voting all of these people out over one issue is difficult since most voters are not one issue voters. The answer to this problem is simple. The General Assembly should amend the North Carolina Constitution to allow for a state and local ballot intitiative process. An ordinary group of citizens should be able to get an issue onto a binding statewide or local ballot if they can garner an appropriate amount of petition signatures.
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