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Other Issues

Many candidates for political office simply speak in sound bytes with rhetoric that is meaningless. Education - check. The Economy - check. The Environment - check. They will bullet a few main talking points around these subjects, and will hardly ever go into too much detail on them. If you have a question about another topic, they will be hesitant to respond with much clarity. They figure that it's not practical to alienate a potential voter when they can stay on topic and remain intentionally vague.

Unlike other candidates, I have thought about the details of all my platform items, and have released detailed position pages on each of them. Even though the main theme of my campaign is to talk about subjects that revolve around my "Legalize Local Liberty" initiative, there are certainly other topics that voters can and should be concerned about when evaluating a candidate for political office. I have released a few position papers on some very common issues that don't fit neatly into my campaign narrative. However, I simply don't have the time to write full-length position papers on every topic that I have analyzed. However, if you have any questions about an issue not listed here, please don't be hesitant to Contact Us. It is likely that I do have an opinion on the topic, and I won't be hesitant to share it with you!

Other Issues

  • Abortion - I believe that on-demand abortion is a national travesty. We all have an individual right to do what we want with our bodies, but that right stops when it negatively effects the life and liberty of another human being. Our government has the responsibility to protect the life of all of its citizens, especially the lives of innocent unborn children. Unfortunately there is little I can do from the North Carolina General Assembly to change the status quo. Until the US Supreme Court changes its mind, or until our US Constitution is amended, legal abortion will remain the law of the land. I will, however, pledge two things: 1) No state money will be spent on abortions, nor will it be spent funding organizations that provide abortions; 2) I will not attempt to outlaw abortion clinics via overzealous regulations that, for all intents and purposes, make abortion illegal.
  • Death Penalty - I believe the death penalty is a perfectly acceptable punishment for someone who has intentionally murdered another human being. That said, juries that decide the guilt or innocence of an accused murderer are made up up of fallible human beings. Sometimes juries get it wrong. For this reason alone I believe the death penalty should be eliminated. I also believe that life sentences, without the possibility of parole, should also be eliminated. Rotting in prison for the rest of your life for a crime you did not commit, is an even worse fate than being executed.
  • Gun Rights - I stand firmly behind each individual's right to keep and bear all arms. We have an innate and unalienable right to not only hunting, but self-defense. In addition, our Founding Fathers were VERY suspicious of government. They very righfully feared that any government could turn tyrannical, and that citizens would not only have the right, but the responsibility to overthrow such a government. That's why they insisted that each citizen have the means available for such a revolt, and the 2nd Amendment was born. I am not against basic training requirements for gun ownership. I am not against better background check systems. I do not think that every individual has a right to military grade weapons, such as nuclear missiles. However, I believe that no capable individual should be denied their right to keep any normal weapon that criminals and law enforcement have access to.
  • Police Abuse - Unfortunately, we are living in an era of police militarization and police abuse. There has been a growing trend across the country to outfit civilian law enforcement with military grade weaponry that is not available to the ordinary citizen. Furthermore, government authorities have unconstitutionally used civil asset forfeiture to deprive innocent citizens of their life savings and other possessions; all in order to pay for this weapons "upgrade." People have been bankrupted by our government for just being suspected of some sort of wrongdoing, even though they have never been charged with, nevermind convicted of, a crime. This is unacceptable and must be changed immediately! Furthermore, while most police officers do their jobs honorably, there is a noticeable contingent of those who believe they are above the law and are our overlords. Instead of de-escalating situations, they take pride in using excessive force. Unfortunately, the honorable police officers tend to look the other way, and "protect their own." We must create community policing programs that keep our police accountable to the people they serve.
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