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Decriminalizing Drugs

Decriminalizing Drugs

Libertarians believe that individuals are endowed with the natural right to freely choose what they ingest into their own bodies. No other individual, group, or government should be able to dictate what food we eat, liquid we drink, or even drug we take. Of course, with that freedom, comes consequences. If we eat a poor diet we are more likely to get sick or even die early. If we consume too much sugared soda, or drink too much alcohol, we will likely experience the same fate. Likewise, if, as individuals, we choose to use recreational drugs, we are making a POOR choice that will most likely end up saddling us with poor consequences.

Most people would characterize North Carolina as being part of the "Bible Belt." As a fervent Christian myself, I personally rejoice in this fact to some extent. A reverence for God and his holy scriptures is a good thing. However, in my opinion, this reverence has been perverted into a legalism that is not compatible with Christianity and the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. God created us in his image, and an integral part of what sets us apart from animals and angels is our free will. We must freely choose to come to the Lord for repentance, salvation, and freely choose to accept the Holy Spirit into our lives to transform ourselves into the image of Jesus Christ. It is not the will of God that this be forced or compelled. The fact is that sometimes we, like the Prodigal Son, must make poor choices, and must go down the path of destruction, before we realize what we had and accept the benefits of living a Christian life. It bewilders me that Christian voters can act more like Pharisees than followers of Jesus.

However, the fact remains that this bloc of voters, and the politicians they support, remain strong within North Carolina. They believe it is the responsibility of government to protect individuals from their own bad choices when it pertains to the use of recreational drugs. As a result, it is highly unlikely that decriminalization or legalization of recreational drugs will happen on a statewide basis anytime soon.

However, there are counties within the state that think differently, and I believe New Hanover County is one of them! Under my "Legalize Local Liberty" initiative, the county, or its voters through a citizen initiated ballot measure, would be able to decriminalize or completely legalize some or all recreational drugs within the confines of the county. Decriminalization, or complete legalization of, recreational marijuana would be a great first step. It is not chemically addictive, and there are no known cases of anyone overdosing on marijuana.

Once this type of local liberty is enacted and is successful, the county might consider doing the same for other recreational drugs. Our local government, or its voters, might realize the truth: that prohibition doesn't work, that the drug war is a human catastophe, and that our law enforcement resources are better spent catching real criminals, rather than treating a medical problem as a criminal one.

The great thing about this plan is that New Hanover County can be a model for the eventual statewide legalization of recreational drugs. Once New Hanover, and other forward thinking counties are successful, the rest of North Carolina will see the truth: that the sky isn't going to fall. Legalizing Local Liberty allows a sensible pathway to the restoration of our natural individual rights.

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