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Legalize Local Liberty!

Legalize Local Liberty!

The Declaration of Independence clearly states that the purpose of government is to secure our individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness from malicious individuals or groups who would use force to deprive us of those rights. It does NOT exist to micromanage our lives. Unfortunately, over the last century we have all suffered from a systematic deprivation of our individual liberty. This did not happen all at once. Had it, we surely would have long ago revolted against this type of tyranny. Instead, it has been happening slowly, but incrementally, so that we the people become accustomed to the "new norm."

Our Founding Fathers recognized that this could happen. They were pretty smart! That's why they recognized that most of the power of government should be wielded on the local level. Our state and federal levels of government were granted very limited powers to protect us from statewide and nationwide threats to our unalienable rights. Unfortunately, alongside the systematic loss of our liberty, we have seen a consolidation of government power in our state and federal government. What used to be a local decision, is now controlled by bureaucrats in Raleigh or in Washington, DC.

It is my earnest belief that if we restore the balance of power to our local government that this is the best methodology for restoring our lost individual rights and to reduce the size and scope of government to something resembling what our Founding Fathers intended it to be. While a top-down approach is theoretically possible, I believe it is unlikely. The corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who are invested with power now will only pay "lip service" to personal freedom, and will do whatever is needed to keep a stranglehold on the power to micromanage our lives.

My "Legalize Local Liberty" intiative will restore the power, and the corresponding taxpayer money, back to local communities. It would allow county governments, or the county's voters through a citizen initiated ballot measure, to set aside any state law, regulation, or rule that infringes on our personal freedom. Here are some examples of things we could do locally once this initiative is passed in the General Assembly.

Local Liberty

  • Keeping Our Own Money! - For every tax dollar sent to our state government in Raleigh, we are probably lucky to see 25 cents spent here in New Hanover County to pay for needed infrastructure and services. It's even worse for ABC revenue. In 2016, the New Hanover County ABC generated $10 million dollars worth of profit. Only $1.1 million of it stayed in the county. The rest went to the General Fund, so our politicians could waste it on pet pork projects. My plan is to gradually reduce the amount of taxes and other revenue sent to the state, along with the state services that rely on this funding. Over time we can develop more effective local services and shift the revenue stream here, where our local politicians can be held more accountable. If the money is generated in New Hanover County, it should STAY in New Hanover County!
  • Decriminalizing Drugs - Besides violating our individual rights, putting people in jail for buying or selling recreational drugs is ineffectual and a waste of our law enforcement and judicial resources. Our safety and security would be better served if our government concentrated its effort on combatting violence, theft, and crimes that violate our individual rights. Wasting these resources on voluntary and victimless "crimes" is irresponsible. The County Board of Commissioners, or the voters of the county, should have the option of locally decriminalizing the sale or possession of all or certain drugs that the state currently has made illegal.
  • Reforming our Liquor Laws - At 18 years old a person is old enough to vote, pay taxes, and even serve in our miltary. It is a disgraceful infringment of liberty to not allow them to legally consume an alcoholic beverage. In addition, it leads to dangerous underground binge drinking at frat and house parties. If we locally lowered the drinking age for beer and wine, we could help curb this trend, and at the same time it would be a boon to our local economy. New Hanover County would become the "vacation destination" for every young adult in America. In addition, the state ABC has numerous onerous regulations that hinder our bars and restaurants. In this state you can't have a Happy Hour, or advertise drink specials anywhere; not even on the window of your own establishment! The County Board of Commissioners, or the voters of the county, should have the option of legally ignoring all statewide liquor laws and regulations that don't make sense for New Hanover County.
  • Legalize Gambling - Many states and communities accross the United States have started to legalize casino gambling. In most cases, this legalization has been a boon to the local economy, and has been a real help in increasing public funding. North Carolina is behind the times in this regard. The only legal casino in North Carolina is on an Indian reservation in far western Cherokee County. The County Board of Commissioners, or the voters of the county, should have the option of allowing casino gambling within the county.

Some will argue that local government can be equally or even more oppressive to our individual freedom than our state or federal government is. I don't doubt that local governments can sometimes be oppressive and act more like an HOA than an organization designed to protect our life and liberty. However, one of the key components of my initiative is citizen initiated ballot measures. It is easy for unknown government bureaucrats to steal your freedom. However, it's a lot harder for groups of ordinary local citizens to do so. If we locally vote to take away freedom, there are personal consequences. The folks who have had their liberty stripped from them are our neighbors, friends, and people we know when we go shopping or go to the library. We will be forced to answer to them when they ask us "Why did you steal my freedom!?"

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