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Legalize Local Liberty!

Legalize Local Liberty!

The Declaration of Independence is our nation's charter document. It clearly spells out the rightful primary purpose of government - to secure our individual rights to life, liberty, and property. Government at the state and federal level does not exist in order to tell individuals how to live their lives, or to micromanage the affairs of our local communities. Yet, that is exactly what our state government in Raleigh has increasingly been doing. They have neglected their true responsibility to guard our personal rights, and have instead become overbearing parents who think they can manage our lives and our communities better than we can!

What State Goverment Should Do
  • GenX and the Environment - Our state government has the responsibiity to fiercely protect our lives from harmful poisons and pollutants such as GenX. We need to get tough on corporate polluters like Chemours/Dupont Chemical and Duke Energy. Taxpayers should not be responsible for cleaning up the horrible messes these corporate polluters have created. They need to cease dumping ALL chemicals which are hazardous to our environment, and need to pay for for ALL testing, studies, and cleanup. They either need to comply, or they need to be shut down!
  • Combat the Opiate Crisis - Communities accross the state are being ravished by the opiate crisis. Heroin addiction used to be relegated to large cities and affected very few. Today the problem pervades our entire state to the point that it is HIGHLY likely you know somebody personally who is afflicted with this serious medical problem. But, the answer is NOT to renew a failed Drug War. It is the epitome of stupidity to continue to try and bang a "square peg into a round hole!" Prohibition does NOT work!! Basic economics will tell tell you that where there is Demand there WILL be Supply. We must concentrate on ways to curb Demand. One of the easiest ways we can start is to legalize medical marijuana today! We must give doctors and patients with pain an alternative to highly addictive prescription opiates.
  • Stop Crony Capitalism - Our economy thrives best when businesses are free from onerous regulations that favor large corporations over the home-grown local companies that employ most of our working population. This also creates virtual monopolies that give consumers little choice and drive prices up. In addition, the practice of corporate welfare must be elminated. We might think that giving grants to Hollywood film studios or large corporations like Amazon will help to create jobs. However, in reality, our state government is stealing our taxpayer money when they engage in this activity, and at the same time this hurts the other businesses (and their employees) who do not receive such subsidies. This practice also leads to political corruption.
  • Give a Voice to the Voters- Too often our elected representatives are beholden to corporate special interests and will not enact the will of the people. For instance, recent polling indicates that North Carolina voters overwhelmingly support the legalization of medical marijuana. Yet our elected representatives have failed to do our will. Voting all of these people out over one issue is difficult since most voters are not one issue voters. The answer to this problem is simple. The General Assembly should amend the North Carolina Constitution to allow for a state and local ballot intitiative process. An ordinary group of citizens should be able to get an issue onto a binding statewide or local ballot if they can garner an appropriate amount of petition signatures.
Legalize Local Liberty!
  • Keeping Our Own Money! - For every tax dollar sent to our state government in Raleigh, we are probably lucky to see 25 cents spent here in New Hanover County to pay for needed infrastructure and services. It's even worse for ABC revenue. In 2016, the New Hanover County ABC generated $10 million dollars worth of profit. Only $1.1 million of it stayed in the county. The rest went to the General Fund, so our politicians could waste it on pet pork projects. My plan is to gradually reduce the amount of taxes and other revenue sent to the state, along with the state services that rely on this funding. Over time we can develop more effective local services and shift the revenue stream here, where our local politicians can be held more accountable. If the money is generated in New Hanover County, it should STAY in New Hanover County!
  • Decriminalizing Drugs - Besides violating our individual rights, putting people in jail for buying or selling recreational drugs is ineffectual and a waste of our law enforcement and judicial resources. Our safety and security would be better served if our government concentrated its effort on combatting violence, theft, and crimes that violate our individual rights. Wasting these resources on voluntary and victimless "crimes" is irresponsible. The County Board of Commissioners, or the voters of the county, should have the option of locally decriminalizing the sale or possession of all or certain drugs that the state currently has made illegal.
  • Reforming our Liquor Laws - At 18 years old a person is old enough to vote, pay taxes, and even serve in our miltary. It is a disgraceful infringment of liberty to not allow them to legally consume an alcoholic beverage. In addition, it leads to dangerous underground binge drinking at frat and house parties. If we locally lowered the drinking age for beer and wine, we could help curb this trend, and at the same time it would be a boon to our local economy. New Hanover County would become the "vacation destination" for every young adult in America. In addition, the state ABC has numerous onerous regulations that hinder our bars and restaurants. In this state you can't have a Happy Hour, or advertise drink specials anywhere; not even on the window of your own establishment! The County Board of Commissioners, or the voters of the county, should have the option of legally ignoring all statewide liquor laws and regulations that don't make sense for New Hanover County.
  • Legalize Gambling - Many states and communities accross the United States have started to legalize casino gambling. In most cases, this legalization has been a boon to the local economy, and has been a real help in increasing public funding. North Carolina is behind the times in this regard. The only legal casino in North Carolina is on an Indian reservation in far western Cherokee County. The County Board of Commissioners, or the voters of the county, should have the option of allowing casino gambling within the county.

Other Issues

  • Abortion - I believe that on-demand abortion is a national travesty. We all have an individual right to do what we want with our bodies, but that right stops when it negatively effects the life and liberty of another human being. Our government has the responsibility to protect the life of all of its citizens, especially the lives of innocent unborn children. Unfortunately there is little I can do from the North Carolina General Assembly to change the status quo. Until the US Supreme Court changes its mind, or until our US Constitution is amended, legal abortion will remain the law of the land. I will, however, pledge two things: 1) No state money will be spent on abortions, nor will it be spent funding organizations that provide abortions; 2) I will not attempt to outlaw abortion clinics via overzealous regulations that, for all intents and purposes, make abortion illegal.
  • Death Penalty - I believe the death penalty is a perfectly acceptable punishment for someone who has intentionally murdered another human being. That said, juries that decide the guilt or innocence of an accused murderer are made up up of fallible human beings. Sometimes juries get it wrong. For this reason alone I believe the death penalty should be eliminated. I also believe that life sentences, without the possibility of parole, should also be eliminated. Rotting in prison for the rest of your life for a crime you did not commit, is an even worse fate than being executed.
  • Gun Rights - I stand firmly behind each individual's right to keep and bear all arms. We have an innate and unalienable right to not only hunting, but self-defense. In addition, our Founding Fathers were VERY suspicious of government. They very righfully feared that any government could turn tyrannical, and that citizens would not only have the right, but the responsibility to overthrow such a government. That's why they insisted that each citizen have the means available for such a revolt, and the 2nd Amendment was born. I am not against basic training requirements for gun ownership. I am not against better background check systems. I do not think that every individual has a right to military grade weapons, such as nuclear missiles. However, I believe that no capable individual should be denied their right to keep any normal weapon that criminals and law enforcement have access to.
  • Police Abuse - Unfortunately, we are living in an era of police militarization and police abuse. There has been a growing trend across the country to outfit civilian law enforcement with military grade weaponry that is not available to the ordinary citizen. Furthermore, government authorities have unconstitutionally used civil asset forfeiture to deprive innocent citizens of their life savings and other possessions; all in order to pay for this weapons "upgrade." People have been bankrupted by our government for just being suspected of some sort of wrongdoing, even though they have never been charged with, nevermind convicted of, a crime. This is unacceptable and must be changed immediately! Furthermore, while most police officers do their jobs honorably, there is a noticeable contingent of those who believe they are above the law and are our overlords. Instead of de-escalating situations, they take pride in using excessive force. Unfortunately, the honorable police officers tend to look the other way, and "protect their own." We must create community policing programs that keep our police accountable to the people they serve.
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